i know that he loves me cause he told me so

(feeling like writing in english) sorry my loves, totally forgot to write .

so my week wasnt that interesting hahah

i stayed at amelias after school on friday. then we went to katies in the evening (pictures/canada)

amazing night and very druunkk hahaha <3

well. on saturday i got up at 7 and i actually felt sick hhaha. we went apple picking and all that stuff with my school board. it was fun but friggin cooooold

got home in the evening and went to the bayducks game. after the game we went to amelias for playing pool. hahah went to matts after that.hahah and poor jesse he was waiting outside somewhere in timbo, he called us maybe 10 times and he was freezing. "NINA TELL MATT IM FUCKING COLD AND MY NUTS ARE FREEZING" hahaha so we went to find him but we couldnt. hahah

thats all about it!

i miss you my germans <3 dont forget about me.


23.10.06 00:05

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jollchen (23.10.06 18:42)
hey süße...
wie man hört und sieht gehts dir super in kanada!
hier im guten alten deutschland ist alles wie immer..schule verdammt stressig und anstrengend am wochenende bissl party...
diesen samstag ist oktoberfest,ich weiss noch wies letztes jahr geschüttet hat als wir da waren...
es geht das gerücht rum dass das oktoberfest dieses jahr zum letzten mal ist...hm kann man nichts machen!
naja oki, have fun! miss you kiss julia

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